The Partner Pursuit 900am

The Partner Pursuit 900am

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All new members must complete the intro program Jan 1-Jan 4.

               A 4 day strength and nervous system prep program to get you ready for working out!

The competition will feature 20 days of different partner exercises.

These exercises will feature:

               Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Bikes, Ropes, Barbells, Bands, And body weight movements

The workouts will be easy, hard and everything in between

The goal is to push yourself to do something you never thought you could do.

By the end of the competition everyone walks away with stronger bodies, minds, and relationships with like minded people.

Attempt something new this year and push yourself outside your comfort zone!

Rules and Scoring;

Teams of 2 will partake in workouts everyday. Scoring will be taken by:


               Fastest in finishing daily workouts: 10

               Most Weight lost: 10

               Most reps completed in the daily workouts: 10

               Number of sessions completed (Saturday will be bonus): 10

               Best improvement of initial testing: 20

Pre test takes place on Jan 7, Post test takes place on Feb. 1

                              Fitness testing is 10-15 minutes of body weight movements and running. Your time to finish will be recorded

               Bonus Overall effort: 30 points bonus

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