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At Pursuit Fitness, we focus on personalized sport-specific and strength training for youth and adults in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Pursuit Fitness isn’t your average gym — our team cares about how you feel and we are passionate about educating you on the importance and power of exercise both for teens and adults. We even provide custom workouts and meal plans through our Pursuit Fitness app that helps you reach your goals. At Pursuit Fitness, we offer strength-based performance fitness training for adults as well as a variety of youth training programs for your kids and teens. Stop by our Blaine, MN fitness center to learn more about what we do or to grab a free trial class today.

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CrossFit Robot is powered by the same creators as Pursuit Fitness. Our mission is to create strong bodies and strong minds. We train youth sports and adult performance to help create a fitness community.

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Sport Performance

Sport Performance

The Pursuit Fitness Sport Performance Program was designed for our age-specific members to increase speed, strength, confidence, and overall athletic performance. This one-month program is split into three levels depending on age and includes four training sessions per week, meal plans and custom workouts, and goal and record tracking for each member. Ready to start working and reaching your goals? Contact us today to schedule your training.


Performance Fitness

Performance Fitness

Our adult fitness classes at Pursuit Fitness are designed for all skill levels and feature a 20-25 minute strength session combined with a 15-20 minute metabolic circuit session with every training. These classes will help you build muscle, burn fat, boost metabolism, and become unstoppable. Our Performance Fitness classes take place Monday through Thursday and Saturday at 6 am, 8 am, 4 pm, and 6 pm. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Register for Performance Fitness today!

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Soccer Specific

Fasst Soccer Programs

At Pursuit Fitness, we offer soccer-specific training for athletes throughout Blaine, MN, and the surrounding areas. Our FASST Soccer Program includes 60-minute soccer-based fitness sessions in three different age-dependent levels to help your athlete increase their speed, agility, footwork, and strength. Our FASST Soccer Program packages include 10 training sessions that you can schedule online.

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Reach Your Goals & Become A Better You

No matter what your reason for visiting Pursuit Fitness, we’re happy you’re here, and we’re ready to help you CRUSH your goals! Reach out to us to learn more about our fitness and sports programs or to sign-up for a class today!

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Online Fitness Programs from Pursuit Fitness

Are you looking for an online fitness program that pushes you to the next level? Check out some of the programs that we offer at Pursuit Fitness — from our Viking Warrior 30-day program to our Spartan X 120-day program, we offer everything you need to crush your goals and level up your training remotely.


One of the most important factors in my success

“I play in the ECNL, elite club national soccer league, and started training with Cam to give me a leg up against my competition. My goal was to improve my explosive power and increase my muscle mass so I would be more competitive as a D1 college recruit...

...I think every athlete who is serious about a future in their sport needs the extra training that Cam provides to build a stronger body which builds more confidence. Cam’s training has been one of the most important factors in my success. Thank you so much, Cam! ”


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Record breaker

“I would highly recommend Pursuit Fitness and Owner Cam.

My son switched training last June to Pursuit and continued thru early December. Hunter really enjoyed the challenging workouts and the Group he trained with. His goal was to get stronger for High School Swimming and to be able to qualify for the State Meet and possibly set a school record. He finished his Swim Season with 4 school records —winning section 50 free!—state meet qualifier —finishing 7th in state which was All-State! This was all made possible with the guidance of a truly knowledgeable gifted Trainer/ Owner! Cam I can not thank you enough ! I am a true believer in young athletes getting stronger !”



Strongest I've ever been

“Our family has been working with Cam at Pursuit Fitness for over three years. In that time, my two older boys have increased their vertical jumps considerably. Both of them have gained strength and both can dunk in basketball...

I never dreamed gaining strength would turn out to be a goal for me, but at age 47, I am the strongest I’ve ever been. I look forward to the workouts at Pursuit Fitness every day! Thanks Cam!”


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