ADULT Performance Fitness

Adult Fitness Classes for All Skill Levels

If you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat, boost your metabolism, and become an unstoppable version of yourself, our Performance Fitness Programs at Pursuit Fitness are for you. These fitness programs are for adults at any skill level and are offered Monday through Thursday and Saturdays every week. Learn more about these programs below, and sign-up today to start crushing your fitness goals!

Classes: Monday-Thursday and Saturday | 6am | 8am | 4 pm | 6pm

Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, Become Unstoppable

Adult Fitness classes are for all skill levels and feature a 20-25 min strength portion, along with a 15-20 min metabolic circuit portion in every session.

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Monday: Upper body strength | Chest | Back | Shoulders followed by 20 min of cardio

Tuesday: Lower body strength | Quads | Hamstrings | Calves followed by 20 min of cardio

Wednesday: Full body endurance | Upper and lower body Dumbbell strength followed by 20 min cardio

Thursday: Full body High Intensity Interval Training | 10 min dynamic warm-up | 15 min strength barbell | 25 min cardio circuit

Savage Saturday Metcon: 8am | A combination of strength and circuit training for 60 minutes of intense training

Performance Fitness Level 1

Lv 1 Adult PF

3x per week

Schedule: Mon-Thur 6am | 8am | 6pm

Short on time, choose any 3 days to get in and get optimal training of your choice.

Custom Teambuildr workouts for each client


Performance Fitness Level 2

Lv 2 Adult PF

4x per week

Schedule: Mon-Thur 6am | 8am | 6pm

The full program 4 days of strength and cardio training

Custom to each client based on their current strength

Includes online Teambuildr workout, goal tracker


Performance Fitness Level 3

Lv 3 Adult PF

5x per week

Schedule: Mon-Thur 6am | 8am | 6pm | Saturday 8am

The ultimate gym program, 4 days of regular programs, followed by Savage Saturday

Includes Teambuildr workout, and goal tracker

Nutrition Programs provided


Savage Saturday

Savage Saturday 10 Pack

Schedule: Every Saturday 8am

$200 for 10 sessions

The ultimate Saturday morning workout incorporating sport performance, strength, HIIT, and cardio in one 60 minute session. Sign up and be prepared

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Solo Membership

Train anytime on your own, but with a proven Pursuit Performance program directly through you Teambuildr account.

$75 a month (Includes Pursuit program app and custom workouts for your goals)

Train for as long as you want and whenever you want for just $2.50 a day, less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks but twice the energy gained!

No contracts, cancel anytime!

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