Summer Pursuit Power


  • Pursuit Power Summer camps offer progressive training for 6-8th grade kids, along with advanced training for high school athletes. The program starts the first week after school is out and runs until last week of August. Each class is age specific and is designed to teach form, progressions, speed, strength, nutrition, and injury prevention.

  • Middle school athletes will work to prepare for high school weight room and sports. High school athletes will supplement their school programs based on their sport. Classes are 10-15 kids running 45-60 minutes. We offer a 4 day and a 2 day camp Monday through Thursday.

  • After completing the program each athlete will come out with more confidence, knowledge, speed, and strength than they could obtain anywhere else.

Pursuit Power 4 day camp
150.00 every month for 3 months

High School Prep Camp

Develops form

Boosts Confidence

Establishes nutrition

Creates Better athletes


830-930am High School

930-1030am 7-8th

1030-1130am 7-8th

1130-1230 5-6th

1230-130 5-6th


Pursuit Power 2 day camp
125.00 every month for 2 months

class times

Monday- Thursday






FASST [8 sessions]

FASST 8 is a great package for new athletes. The 8 sessions will give athletes a great base for starting their training program. Each session will focus on speed, agility, core strength and full body circuit movements designed for soccer players. The workout tempo will be fast paced, light weight interval based to get the heart rate up and build endurance. 

Class Times

Monday 4pm

Wednesday 4pm and 5pm

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