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Are you looking to take your fitness routine to the next level? At Pursuit Fitness, we offer online programs with customized workouts, meal plans, and more. Simply choose your preferred program and we’ll email you a Teambuildr activation code so that you can get access to your workouts, meal plans, cardio, and more! At Pursuit Fitness, we take your training seriously, and our online programs are here to help you level up both your fitness and your life. Check out all of our online programs below, and get started with Pursuit Fitness today!

Each program will be emailed to you with a Teambuildr activation code.

Once you complete the free Teambuildr download, and set up your account you will gain access to the workouts, as well as meal plans, cardio, and more!


3 month ultimate OCR Spartan training program:


designed to get your ready for any OCR

4 day splits

Phase 1 : one month strength, and hypertrophy

Phase 2: one month strength and endurance, adding more cardio and running

Phase 3: Pure metabolic workouts and...


30 day military based strength and cardio program


4 day split full body strength and endurance

2 days of full body strength

1 day of full body endurance

1 day of HIIT metcon based strength and cardio

Designed to build mental toughness, lean muscle, burn...


30 day volume hypertrophy and cardio program


Rep scheme 7-8 sets of 4-8 reps

Percentage based

5 day split

day 1 bench and legs

day 2 cardio

day 3 strength cleans

day 4 cardio

day 5 legs and bench



1 month Full body power lifting program designed for strength and size:


5-6 workouts a day

4 day split

5/3/1 rep scheme percentage loading

3 accessories after each main lift 4-5 sets of each

Main lifts: Bench, Squat, Clean, Deadlift



30 Day full body strength and mass gainer program:


5x10 rep scheme

6-8 workouts a day

50-60 minutes

percentage based loading scheme

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