Sport Performance Programs

Increase Speed, Strength, & Confidence

If you’ve been looking for a sports training program to help your teenager become a better athlete, your search ends at Pursuit Fitness. Check out everything we offer in our Sport Performance Programs below, and contact us today to sign-up!

Classes: Monday-Friday

High School | 4:30pm | 6:30 pm | Middle School 5:30pm |

Pursuit Sport Performance Packages:

One month of training 4x per week

Online Teambuildr workout, goal, and record tracker for each member

Meal plans for age specific athletes

Programming designed for age specific members in our Lv 1, 2, and 3 systems

Increase Speed. Strength, and Confidence

Reduce Injury, and improve overall athleticism

Pursuit Performance Level 1

Lv 1 Sport Performance

Age 11-13

Schedule: Mon-Thur 5:30p

  • $175 for one month (16 sessions)
  • Works on Proper Form
  • Builds core stability
  • Teaches strength foundations
  • Learn proper lifting mechanics
  • Establish more confidence

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Pursuit Performance Level 2

Lv 2 Sport Performance

Age 14-16

Schedule: Mon-Thur 4:30p | 6:30p

  • $195 for 1 month of training (16 sessions)
  • Includes Teambuildr workout tracker

Train for speed and strength fundamentals. We will teach form and mechanics for speed and strength exercises Increase volume and teach DB exercises Add loaded sprint training and more advanced plyometrics.


Pursuit Performance Level 3

Lv 3 Sport Performance

Age 16-19

Schedule: Mon-Thur | 4:30p | 6:30p

  • $205 for 1 month of training (16 sessions)
  • Includes Teambuildr membership and meal plan

Athletes will use periodaztion programs to build strength and power Increase volume work BB Olympic movements Add loaded sprint training and more advanced plyometrics



Sport Performance Unlimited

Age 11-18+

Lv 1 | Lv 2 | Lv 3

The ultimate sport performance training program, designed to give athletes unlimited sessions and flexibility.

Schedule: Mon-Thur 6am | 8am | 4pm | 5pm | 6pm

Athletes will be able to train as long as they want, and at anytime they want to fit their busy schedule.

  • Monthly $175
  • Teambuildr custom account
  • Meal plans
  • Unlimited sessions

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