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I have worked out with many trainers in the Twin Cities over the last ten years, and I would certainly rank Cam and Pursuit Fitness among the best. His workouts are always very well thought out and challenging, and his attention to detail with his clients is top-notch. You can really tell he wants the best for every client. He makes sure everyone’s form is correct and does a great job of reading which clients want an extra push to achieve more and then providing it. Whatever you are trying to achieve, Pursuit Fitness can help you get there.
— L. Whitney
Attending Cam’s boot camps has made a tremendous difference in my overall fitness and well-being. I’ve lost close to 25 pounds through a combination of exercise and diet, but the core of what led to my weight loss was Cam’s boot camp.

With his classes, you’ll get a great full-body workout that not only challenges you with strength training but the class is structured so you’ll be getting cardio work at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds!

His classes also have a great mix of men and women and there’s absolutely no judging or intimidation, which can so often make the gym experience no fun. I’d highly recommend attending one of his classes and you’ll see for yourself the difference.
— S. Clasen
As a former multi-sport high school and collegiate athlete, I have definitely had a wide range of fitness/weight training over the years. However, I have never had an experience as positive and rewarding as Pursuit Fitness.

Unlike most trainers, Cam’s workouts change frequently to keep things fresh and he is constantly challenging us in new ways. Regardless of your age, gender, or fitness background, Cam sincerely cares about pushing each of us individually. I honestly look forward to our workouts everyday and much of that is because of Cam. I can’t thank him enough!
— K.Goodrich
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