See what our athletes have to say about us:


“Attending Cam’s boot camps has made a tremendous difference in my overall fitness and well-being. I’ve lost close to 25 pounds through a combination of exercise and diet, but the core of what led to my weight loss was Cam’s boot camp.

With his classes, you’ll get a great full-body workout that not only challenges you with strength training but the class is structured so you’ll be getting cardio work at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds!

His classes also have a great mix of men and women and there’s absolutely no judging or intimidation, which can so often make the gym experience no fun. I’d highly recommend attending one of his classes and you’ll see for yourself the difference.”

— S. Clasen


“As a former multi-sport high school and collegiate athlete, I have definitely had a wide range of fitness/weight training over the years. However, I have never had an experience as positive and rewarding as Pursuit Fitness.

Unlike most trainers, Cam’s workouts change frequently to keep things fresh and he is constantly challenging us in new ways. Regardless of your age, gender, or fitness background, Cam sincerely cares about pushing each of us individually. I honestly look forward to our workouts every day and much of that is because of Cam. I can’t thank him enough!”

— K. Goodrich


One of the most important factors of my success

"I play in the ECNL, elite club national soccer league, and started training with Cam to give me a leg up against my competition. My goal was to improve my explosive power and increase my muscle mass so I would be more competitive as a D1 college recruit. I was also uneven in my legs which was causing some knee pain that affected my soccer training. After working with Cam I immediately noticed a difference in my leg strength which made me more balanced and pain free. After that I was able to train hard and build muscle that has improved my vertical and given me more presence in the net. Because I was balanced and pain-free, I was able to accomplish so much more my senior year in high school achieving all-Conference, all-State and all-Metro awards.

Because of the plyometric training I have the speed and agility to be one of the best shot stoppers. I was recruited by OU, in the BIG12, because of my presence, speed and agility in the net. I know this was only possible through the extra training and care that Cam has put into me. With Cam’s training I have confidence in my power and ability to come off my line and challenge any ball that gets in the box. I think every athlete who is serious about a future in their sport needs the extra training that Cam provides to build a stronger body which builds more confidence. Cam’s training has been one of the most important factors in my success. Thank you so much, Cam!"

- Olivia R.


"My 15-year-old son was looking to add muscle to his tall and lean frame and in 3 short months he added 15 pounds of muscle and added flexibility”. Cam does a great job of motivating and challenging his students to become the best they can. I highly recommend Pursuit Fitness and let Cam transform your body."

- Todd Solum



"I would highly recommend Pursuit Fitness and Owner Cam.

My son switched training last June to Pursuit and continued thru early December. Hunter really enjoyed the challenging workouts and the Group he trained with. His goal was to get stronger for High School Swimming and to be able to qualify for the State Meet and possibly set a school record. He finished his Swim Season with 4 school records —winning section 50 free!—state meet qualifier —finishing 7th in state which was All-State! This was all made possible with the guidance of a truly knowledgeable gifted Trainer/ Owner! Cam I can not thank you enough! I am a true believer in young athletes getting stronger!"

- Dr. Belting


“Over my 3 years at PF I’ve grown in many ways. One way is that I learned how much work it takes to achieve a goal I set. Cam has helped me and pushed me to be the best I can be. He believes in everyone that walks in the gym. I always look forward to working out at PF because there is always good energy when you arrive.”

— Stephen G


“Since I have be working at Pursuit, a lot of things improved in my life. In soccer, ,y explosiveness and endurance has greatly improved. I really enjoy going because Im challenged to work hard. Something important I’ve learned was how to eat healthier, and perform better as an athlete.”

— Emma K


“When I played soccer Pursuit helped me with mental toughness and the strength against other players was noticeable. Now that I’m not In soccer, I’m doing things for national guard. So it’s helped me get physically stronger. I passed my APFT on the first try doing things I’m already doing at Pursuit.”

— Taylor D


Recruited to play d3 basketball

"Our family has been working with Cam at Pursuit Fitness for over three years. In that time, my two older boys have increased their vertical jumps considerably. Both of them have gained strength and both can dunk in basketball. Cam has played a big role in my oldest being recruited to play D3 basketball. My youngest has also gained inches on his vertical, but more importantly, he has gained so much confidence which has transferred to the basketball court.

I have worked with many trainers in our moves around the Midwest - Cam is the first trainer who has changed my outlook on my nutrition and how I train. When I started 3 years ago, I just wanted to stay lean and lose fat — that’s what I focused on for years. Now, I’m starting to eat more to focus on gaining strength. I’ve learned to look at food more as fuel in order to gain strength for workouts. That is such a nice change for me since I feel like I’ve been dieting for far too long. I never dreamed gaining strength would turn out to be a goal for me, but at age 47, I am the strongest I’ve ever been. I look forward to the workouts at Pursuit Fitness every day! Thanks Cam!"

- Catari L


“I’ve been training at Pursuit for over 2 years now, and in that time I’ve become a stronger, faster, and more confident athlete. One of the things I love most about Pursuit is that I’m able to constantly set new goals and push boundaries in a supportive environment.”

- Lindz W


Pursuit Fitness can help you get there!

“ I have worked out with many trainers in the Twin Cities over the last ten years, and I would certainly rank Cam and Pursuit Fitness among the best. His workouts are always very well thought out and challenging, and his attention to detail with his clients is top-notch. You can really tell he wants the best for every client. He makes sure everyone’s form is correct and does a great job of reading which clients want an extra push to achieve more and then providing it. Whatever you are trying to achieve, Pursuit Fitness can help you get there.”

— L. Whitney


“Pursuit Fitness has changed my sports career in which it’s helped me improve my game and has taken it to the next level, I’m not longer easily pushed around and I’ve gotten faster and more solid from the program.

Training consistently has changed my mindset from when can I be done to when can I go again and can I go longer, it’s also changed my mind in how strong can I get before college and college sports and how big can I get.”

— Noah B